Our Hunting Areas

The Selous, Africa’s largest and oldest Game Reserve

Heritage Safaris operates in the Selous Game Reserve blocks U4, LR1, LR2 & MS1 consisting of 480,000 hectares (over 1.1M acres) of pristine African wilderness specifically set aside for world-class dangerous game and plains game hunting without equal, and designed by nature to challenge you and your senses. Most of the terrain in Tanzania is dry savannah. However, in some areas, especially in the Selous Region, there are fairly dense forests.

The Selous Game Reserve is one of the oldest and largest reserves in all of Africa; four times the size of the famed Serengeti, and larger than Switzerland. The Selous contains globally significant populations of buffalo, elephant, lion, leopards and many other species. Within the Selous there is no habitation, no cultivation, no cattle and no fences. Access to the Selous is strictly controlled, and limited to the clients, invited guests, and staff of the registered safari companies approved by the Tanzanian Government.

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