Traditional Luxury Hunting Safaris

Traditional Luxury Hunting Safaris – Heritage Safaris
The holy grail of Hunting!

True Tradition of Wild Africa

In the true tradition of wild Africa, we specialize in dangerous game hunting (Buffalo, Crocodile, Elephant, Hippo, Leopard, Lion) as well as plains game hunting of species not typically found in other regions (Lichtenstein hartebeest, Roosevelt Sable, Nyassa Wildebeest, etc). Because of the extensive and expansive nature of our hunting concession we rely heavily on experienced and fully qualified trackers thoroughly familiar with the terrain and geographical features of the landscape, as well as the habits and movements of the game species, to heighten the success of our clients. These are true professionals, who love what they do. Applied methods of hunting are spot-and-stalk, tracking, hunting from blinds, etc. Our hunting vehicles are reliable, fully equipped, rugged vehicles suitable for the rigors of the African bush.
Hunting in Tanzania is well regulated. There are also minimum caliber requirements; .240 for plains game and .375 for dangerous game. The use of automatic weapons and hand guns are prohibited. Bow hunting is permitted.

Our hunting season in Tanzania is open from first of July to end of November.